App Recommendations

These are just my iOS app recommendations for things that I use in my life that will either at some be referenced in this blog or I have spoken publicly about.

1Password – Not sure what I would do without this app, it saves all my passwords and stores them!Anaphora Radio, a Coptic Radio that I enjoy developing and listening for all Coptic audio.
Cardhop is better than the default iOS contacts. It does a great take with social media and birthdays.Catena is the Bible with verse-by-verse commentary from the church fathers.
CopticReader – I use this app for all Coptic services in the Coptic Orthodox Church.Day One – This is my daily journaling app. It helps me my thoughts and memories organized. Deliveries – My increase in online shopping has helped in tracking packages with this app. DevonThink – This is my digital filing cabinet. Every thing gets archived into this app.
Drafts – All my writing whether on iOS or Mac starts here first. Very flexible app.Fantastical – My calendar app of choice. Much better interface than the Apple default.Feedly – I use this app to gather all my RSS feeds and go through articles of interest to me.Logos – Heavily used app to access all Bible commentaries, church fathers and writings.
Omnifocus – All my tasks are outlined in here and organized by project. My day starts in here.Orthodox Study Bible – When I wish to read the Septuagint version, I utilize this Bible AppOvercast – Podcast app I prefer. Tried several others. This has all the bells and whistles I need.Pocket – All my articles from Feedly that I want to read later are saved in here without the ads!
Scanner Pro – One of the better apps for scanning images and text. It does great OCR.
Spark – Tried so many email apps. This is the most feature packed email app. Highly recommend. Trello – Any project I have with a team or committee usually goes in here. Helps keep everything organized for the group.Ulysses – This is the app where I do all of my final writing, whether it’s a post, sermon, or assignment.